September & October at Azul Paradise

Caribbean Destination

Why September and October? The ocean is flat and the waters crystal clear.  The sea is full of marine life and the sea turtles are hatching.  This weather brings new activities and the ability to explore more activities around the islands. On top of that, the rate is decreased during our best weather, so you […]

Check into Azul, Check into Paradise

In Bocas del toro, a hidden sweet haven of tranquility exists. Tucked a 30-minute boat ride away from Bocas Town is where you’ll find Azul Paradise. It is also where you can make all your dreams come true at once with a stay at our fabulous over-water bungalows. We didn’t call it “paradise” for nothing. If […]

Azul Paradise: Your Happy Place

The first thing that comes to mind when the word “paradise” is uttered? Whispers of powdery white sand, decadently soft to the touch, endless blue bliss and warm winds spring to the fore. Well, prepare to be blown away right here. Paradise is found in Bocas del Toro, the archipelago you are yet to fall […]

Azul Paradise: Coming to an Island Near You

Panama meets absolutely every requirement for a sunshine holiday with colour bursting through both Pacific and Caribbean corners: lush green jungles, worship-worthy blue water and pristine white sand to garnish that yellow Piña Colada of yours. Azul Paradise Resort is tucked away on the Caribbean Sea in Bocas del Toro’s Bastimentos Island with nurse sharks, […]

Azul Creating Jobs, One Local at a Time

The first thing you’ll notice upon arrival at our resort on Bastimentos Island, is how ethereally stunning our location is, obviously. The second thing that will be immediately apparent is that our workforce is predominantly made up of locals from the nearby village of Salt Creek. The impact Azul has on the island is a […]

Azul Paradise Giveaway

Win a trip of a lifetime to one of the hidden gems of the world. Unfolding in the majestic waters of the Caribbean, this new off-the-grid resort highlighting 10 over-the-water bungalows is located on white-sand beaches in the province of Bocas del Toro. Tucked away on a secluded part of the island is an experience you […]

Shot on Location at Azul Paradise

The band Oceans swayed in to Azul Resort to shoot their video for “Cold Ain’t For Me”. The resulting video is a breath-taking ode to the paradisiacal surroundings of Bastimentos Island and showcases the wow factor of our resort. See it for your self right now and transport yourself to the warm shores of Bocas […]

The Zapatilla Islands

Cayos zapatilla

The beauty of Cayos Zapatilla is showcased before you even step foot on the uninhabited islands. Sailing towards the islands, located east of Bastimentos, is like staring at a postcard. A vision so scenic it has only ever existed in your dreams. As you near closer, the serenity of the islands becomes clearer. With usually […]

The Philanthropy of Azul Paradise

Azul Paradise Philanthropy  From its conception, the philosophy of Azul Paradise has been to provide an economic resource to the local village of Salt Creek and the surrounding communities on the Panamanian island of Bastimentos. Azul Paradise’s first employee was a local fisherman who was hired as the boat captain and has continued to be […]

Simply Paradise

Unfolding in the majestic waters of the Caribbean, are 4 beautiful beach home rentals and 10 over-the-water villas. Boasting the most beautiful beach in Bocas del Toro, Azul Paradise offers its guests a private island setting, whilst giving its visitors unlimited options right outside their front door. The resort is set on 4 acres of […]