The Philanthropy of Azul Paradise

The Philanthropy of Azul Paradise

Azul Paradise Philanthropy 

From its conception, the philosophy of Azul Paradise has been to provide an economic resource to the local village of Salt Creek and the surrounding communities on the Panamanian island of Bastimentos.

Azul Paradise’s first employee was a local fisherman who was hired as the boat captain and has continued to be a valued member of the Azul Paradise family. Skilled Panamanian craftsmen were contracted to build the beautiful exotic retreat you see today. Currently, over 90% of the staff at Azul Paradise are members of the Salt Creek village and surrounding communities. Azul Paradise would not be the treasure of the Caribbean without the experience and knowledge provided by the local residents.

Azul Paradise has a humanitarian mission on their little island: to provide a source of jobs and economic development to a region that previously had limited opportunities in these areas.

The guests of our exotic getaway are encouraged to take advantage of the daily eco-tours that begin in the jungle-village of Salt Creek. These tours are organized by the municipality of Salt Creek and are led by a member of the village. Profits from the tours are used for betterment-projects for the people of Salt Creek. Azul Paradise’s guests are able to shop in the village for one-of-a-kind artisan treasures, homemade coconut bread, and experience a trip back in time when life’s pleasures were simple.

We at Azul Paradise invite you to join us in our mission to stimulate the local economy of the Island of Bastimentos. You can help the community become self-sufficient by spending your next vacation with us, exploring this hidden Caribbean paradise.

The best-kept secret in the Caribbean is no longer a secret!