The Zapatilla Islands

The Zapatilla Islands

The beauty of Cayos Zapatilla is showcased before you even step foot on the uninhabited islands. Sailing towards the islands, located east of Bastimentos, is like staring at a postcard. A vision so scenic it has only ever existed in your dreams. As you near closer, the serenity of the islands becomes clearer. With usually only a few souls in sight, this slice of paradise is yours to enjoy. 

Turquoise water, white sand beaches, palm trees and jungle. The Zapatilla Islands are a perfect depiction of the Caribbean. The small size of the islands gives visitors the opportunity to explore their entirety, whilst experiencing each element of natural beauty.  

There are adventures to be had above and below the crystal clear water. Vibrant coral reef formations and an abundance of marine life create the perfect playground for avid snorkelers and divers. If land is preferred, soak up the sun on the beaches, or take a hike through the jungle. The Zapatillas have something for everyone. 

If escaping the stresses of everyday life at Azul Paradise has captured your heart, take the serenity of your vacation one step further by visiting the completely undeveloped Zapatilla Islands. They’re a truly outstanding part of the Archipelago of islands that make up Bocas Del Toro.