What to Expect at Azul Paradise

What to Expect at Azul Paradise

What to Expect:

You are on your way to Panama. A country that is fairly new to tourism. A place where the beaches are still untouched and pristine, and the native Indian villages coincide with the tourism. It is our goal to keep “Paradise” as magical as the day we first set foot on the island. 

What you will find here is rest and relaxation. The bungalows are made from one of the 8 strongest woods in the world, and are constructed by amazing local craftsmen. The bungalows sit above the ocean on beaches that stretch for miles. Behind the beach lies the jungle, which offers endless opportunities to explore. Azul Paradise is eco-friendly luxury. What does that mean? We plan by weather, watch the tides, harvest our energy from the sun, and collect rainwater to supply all of our water.

Behind Azul tucked into the Jungle you will find an Indian Village of 600 people with friendly, inviting faces. Surrounding the village sloths hang in the mangroves, monkeys in the trees and many species of birds and bugs fly around you.

Our resort is new and our staff are new to the tourism industry. You are the reason we can make this work. Together we can teach a new and developing country about tourism and service, and be the start of a better future for so many people. 

Your experience will stretch far beyond the average vacation. You are helping us make a difference in the lives of a new generation. As we continue to grow, so do the jobs we can provide. Your vacation here helps us create those jobs and allows us to support local families by providing beds for their children and chances at higher education. 

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make a difference while you enjoy the natural surroundings and beauty of our endless white-sand beaches.

Our team of staff includes locals from the island that are anxious to learn about new cultures as well as introduce you to theirs.

Thank you for choosing Azul.