100% Coconut

100% Coconut

Have you ever stopped to ask, why palm trees are so often associated with paradise? Could it be the fluidity of their structure? Or, perhaps their leisurely stance?

It could very well be either of these aesthetic characteristics, however at Azul Paradise, we believe the reason lies within the incredible powers of the coconut. The coconut is far more than just a tropical fruit, but also a nourishing gift and a tool of survival.

As the Azul Paradise community continues to grow, we have developed a new venture that gives us the chance to utilize the incredible elements we’re so lucky to have in our backyard.

This endeavor involves using coconut oil as the base for homemade soaps, made by the local community for Azul Paradise Resort guests.

The production of soaps from locally sourced coconut oil, means Salt Creek locals are given the opportunity to share their invaluable knowledge of the land and its cultivation. Their skills are then further developed in order to reach new economic self-sustainability.

The production of these soaps positively affects the Salt Creek Village, and further bestows health benefits upon the guests at Azul Paradise. Coconut oil is used to repair and moisturise the skin whilst working as an anti-bacterial and anti-aging mechanism. Holidaying in the tropics can take its toll on our skin, especially as we relieve our bodies of everyday stresses. The incorporation of coconut oil-based soaps into resort packages, promotes rejuvenation of the skin’s cells.

The project is in its initial phases, however goals have been set in the hope of reaching further success with this venture. In the future, if profits are made from soap sales, the money will be used to initiate a ‘spade and nuder’ clinic for Salt Creek. Overcoming this issue in Bocas Del Toro is of high importance in the community, and Azul Paradise will strive to assist in making a difference.

The soaps will be manufactured locally from 100% locally sourced ingredients. We look forward to sharing our beautifully handcrafted soaps with you!