Hotel Azul Paradise Calle 3ra, Isla Colon Bocas del Toro

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21 Mar

The Flavours of Bocas Del Toro

Azul Paradise Bocas Town isn’t just a luxury space to set your feet after a long day of exploring. The experience stretches beyond the four walls of your boutique suite to a place where Caribbean flavours erupt onto plates of what can only be described as pure heaven.

After 10 years working as a chef in Panama’s cosmopolitan capital city, Ana Torres is in Bocas town to spice up the restaurant scene once and for all. As the new head chef at our signature restaurant, Torres will be taking the reins and introducing Bocas to the magic of fine dining.

With a passion for seafood, and a love for the local area, Ana is excited to start a new life in Bocas and share her hunger for the fruits of the sea.

“I love to experiment with whatever I have available.”

Torres is a sorcerous in the kitchen. She exudes confidence, and this is evident in the masterpieces she brings to the table.

Bocas Del Toro can benefit from a local sustainability ethos, and with environmentally conscious professionals like Torres, our food scene will only path the way for other eco-friendly food scenes in Latin America.

The key ingredient to a successful restaurant is a team of chefs with one common trait- a passion to tantalize taste buds and fuse flavours like no one before them.

Take a seat on our back deck and prepare to have your mind blown. Embrace fresh, exotic food, perfect presentation and the power to set your senses on the sailing trip of a lifetime.


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