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29 Jan

A Trip Through Dolphin Bay


The trip to Dolphin Bay is spectacular! This certainly isn’t Sea World, so swimming and selfies with the dolphins are off the cards. Instead, our tour is a peaceful way to observe, learn and respect the beautiful animals that inhabit the Caribbean underwater world.

The abundance of mangrove forests in Bocas Del Toro are the reason we are blessed with so many marine animals. The mangroves host a large number of small fish, jelly fish and squid, and make the perfect feeding ground for dolphin pods. Dolphin Bay is home to an estimated 150 dolphins, who nurse their calves in these waters.

How much do you really know about dolphins?

Here’s a few background facts:

  • Bottlenose dolphins are grey in colour, and are usually 2-4 meters long
  • They travel in groups of around 10-15- this pod will play, hunt and help each other out!
  • It’s no surprise they’re incredible simmers, but they can reach speeds of 30km/h, can jump as high as 5 meters and dive as deep as 250 meters
  • They can hold their breath for approx. 7 minutes
  • Bottlenose dolphins use squeaking, whistling and various forms of body language to communicate with each other
  • They are carnivorous mammalsTake note of how the dolphins act, what kind of body language they use and always keep an eye out for a calf who will often be close by.


While the dolphins often steal the show on this tour, there are other notable features of Dolphin Bay that highlight interesting cultural history. As the boat nears Dolphin Bay, focus your attention on the forest of trees on the mainland nearby. The forest is so uncharacteristically Bocas, and in saying this, you certainly won’t miss the spectacle as you approach it.

You’ll certainly think- these trees do not look local, and you’re right! These trees were planted by the Chiquita Banana Company, who use the bark as banana packaging. The ‘forests’ appear randomly in patches all the way to Almirante.

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