Hotel Azul Paradise Calle 3ra, Isla Colon Bocas del Toro


21 Mar

Relax – We have a Beach for that!

Bocas Town is truly something special. The streets are laced with charisma, color and beautiful faces waiting to send you on your next adventure. Isla Colon is known for its world-class waves and famous scuba diving sites, but where do you go to relax?

Well, we’ve got our own beach for that!

Just a short boat ride away lies the most incredible white sand beach with calm waters, coral reefs and shallow waters to wade in for hours. Our private island getaway is waiting for you…

Azul Paradise beach is part of the Salt Creek village on Isla Bastimentos. The locals will welcome you with open arms, and if you’ve got the chance, explore the village and immerse yourself in this beautiful piece of Panamanian culture. Back on the beach you can paddle board, kayak, snorkel, dine at our Tiki Bar or simply soak up the serenity on the shore. As far as beaches go in the Archipelago of Bocas Del Toro, this one is pretty spectacular! It’s the ideal beach to unwind, switch off and relax.

The crystal clear waters are perfect for swimming, and while there are some impressive surf breaks just around the corner, you’ll have no fear of being swept to sea or tackled by monster waves on our beach.

If a day trip just isn’t enough (trust us, it usually isn’t), turn your vacation into a multi-island experience. Book a few nights in one of our over-the-water bungalows, and save yourself the sadness of leaving one of the best beaches. Our multi-island experience gives you the opportunity to include the best of both worlds in your trip. Lap up the luxury suites, then get your fix of paradise!

Contact our team for more information on multi-island packages or day trips to Azul Paradise. You’re so close to a spot that will steal your heart!


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